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Date Range

Date Range allows users to control the start and end dates of Charts and Reports. SaaSGrid has multiple options to allow you to report on the exact dates you want:

Until Dates
  1. Last Full Period: Shows metrics up until the most recent complete month, quarter, or year, depending on aggregation.
  2. Current Period: Shows metrics as of today.
  3. Specific Period: Shows metrics as of a specified date.
From Dates
  1. Initial Period: Shows metrics from the earliest date in the Data Source.
  2. Start of Fiscal Year: Shows data from the beginning of the current year (January for calendar year, February for SaaS year).
  3. Fixed number of Periods: Shows a set number of months, quarters, or year (depending on aggregation), counting backwards for the Until Date.
  4. Specific Period: Shows metrics from a specified date.