CRM Integrations

  • Build comprehensive dashboards utilizing sales, upsell, and renewal data directly from your CRM.
  • No need to change your set-up; map your custom fields and workflows directly to SaaSGrid.
  • SaaSGrid automatically audits imported data to ensure consistency and accuracy.
CRM Integrations
crm integrations

Billing and Accounting Integrations

Pull Data
Pull in all your revenue data
directly from your existing
billing system.
Track ARR
Pull in expense data to calculate efficiency metrics.
CRM Booking
Easily compare billings to CRM
Customer Beta-corp

Accounting Integrations

  • Pull in expense data
    Pull in expense data to calculate efficiency metrics.
  • Compare invoices
    Compare invoices from your account system to CRM data.

Spreadsheet Integrations

  • Power
    Power SaaSGrid with revenue and expenses data directly from spreadsheets.
  • Automate
    Automate board reporting by syncing charts and reports with board slides.
  • Sync
    Sync your operating model to SaaSGrid to keep your plan and performance in line.
Google Sheets
Power Point
Google Slides

One platform for everything you need to know

SaaSGrid turns previously siloed information into insights your business can leverage.
Bring your data together
Bring your data together
Easily sync your most important data from the systems you already use.
Make it
Make it automatic
SaaSGrid quickly and accurately audits and interprets your data.
See the
See the full-picture
Bookings, billings, expenses, and operating plans all in one place for a truly holisitic view of your business.