A Seamless Solution for Revenue Operations

SaaSGrid allows teams to ditch cumbersome data wrangling for easy and robust KPI reporting.

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Keep your systems, automate your calculations

Get the KPI reporting you need, out-of-the-box and directly from your existing CRM and billing systems.

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Customize and share comprehensive dashboards

Easily compile the charts and reports your teams need to stay aligned.

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Bring all your data together

Combine CRM and billing data, send and receive data from finance workflows, and create a single source of truth for everyone.

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I’ve worked at large SaaS organizations and never had this level of reporting pre-IPO. Even then only FP&A and Ops had access to the data- with SaaSGrid we have finance, sales, and the entire exec team fully in sync. The SaaSGrid team has been a great partner to Tecton.

Akash Bose
Director of Sales Operations, Tecton

SaaSGrid is Sonar's source of truth for our SaaS KPIs. We use it to monitor our business health, set goals, run board meetings, and even pitch investors.

Jack McGlinchey
Co-Founder, Sonar Software

Before SaaSGrid, we had to manually download Salesforce reports every quarter and spend days modifying, calculating, and verifying the data to ensure it was up-to-date. Since implementing SaaSGrid, we are able to monitor sales and renewal progress in real-time, and generating board reports takes minutes instead of days.

Diane Garcia
Director of Operations, Scratchpad
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