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Date Aggregation

SaaSGrid metrics can be viewed in months, quarters, or years. Quarterly and annual aggregations have two settings:

  • Calendar Year: January - December
  • SaaS Year: February - January

For example, for the year starting in 2021:

Calendar Year

SaaS Year (FY 2022)

When metrics are shown on a quarterly or annual basis, there are two ways to compute the aggregation: based on the last month of the period or the sum of all the months in the period.

For example, Q1 revenue could be:

  • March revenue * 3
  • The sum of revenue in January, February, and March

Since SaaSGrid defaults to run-rate metrics, for most revenue metrics we use the last month of the period. Exceptions are revenue, Gross Margin, Burn Multiple, and LTV. All cost metrics are computed by using the sum of the costs for the months in the period.