Our founding team has decades of experience founding, building, and investing in SaaS companies. We used our deep expertise to create the SaaSGrid framework.

Throughout his career as a SaaS operator and investor, Ethan has spent countless hours wrangling data and writing SQL queries and Excel formulas to make SaaS metrics dashboards, and knows how painful the process is first hand. Ethan developed an early iteration of SaaSGrid to help run metrics for prospective investments – but founders instantly wanted access to the tool not just for fundraising but for running their companies day-to-day. SaaSGrid is the tool Ethan wishes he had throughout his career, and that he knows SaaS leaders have a critical need for.

Ethan Ruby
Co-Founder & CEO

SaaSGrid is the productization of the SaaS operating framework David has spent years honing through his experience as a founder, operator, and investor. Read more about David’s thoughts on SaaS at https://sacks.substack.com/, including his piece on The SaaS Metrics that Matter – a foundational article that articulates the pressing need for a SaaS-specific dashboarding and BI tool like SaaSGrid.

David Sacks

Teddy joined his brother Ethan as a cofounder and leads SaaSGrid’s engineering efforts. He started his career at Affirm, Apple, and Verizon, but has since gone all-in on building a SaaS business for SaaS companies.

Teddy Ruby
Co-Founder & Head of Engineering
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