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Software Engineer

San Francisco, NY

Who we are

SaaSGrid is a seed stage startup that provides the data backbone for SaaS companies. We integrate with CRMs, invoicing tools, payment processors, general ledgers, and spreadsheets to pull in all of a company's data and report their metrics with confidence. We allow companies to ditch complex Excel sheets, delay hiring expensive finance and data teams, reduce their spending on analytics tools, and make better decisions.

Backed by Craft Ventures, SaaSGrid is the go-to tool for leading SaaS investors and startups. Our platform turns anyone into a SaaS expert and as a result, we are growing quickly. We are currently building out our early-stage engineering team to enable us to grow SaaSGrid.

Read the blog that started it all and come join the team!

The SaaS Metrics That Matter

What you’ll do

Ship fast and frequently. We are a small team and we care about shipping quickly. No red tape, and no organizational slowdowns.

Define best practices in our code base. Our codebase is in its infant stage and growing daily. As an early engineer, you’ll define patterns and best practices to help us solve problems for our customers now and set us up for the future.

Understand our customers and take ownership of the product. Engineers are encouraged and expected to deeply understand the product issues we are solving and be proactive and creative with solutions.

What you may work on:

  • Clean, performant APIs that remove complexity from the client
  • Data pipelines from external sources like Stripe or Quickbooks
  • Best-in-class data analysis using Pandas
  • Scale our infrastructure and adopt new tools as we grow
  • Implement new features in our React web app

Who you are

  • A builder. At SaaSGrid you get the freedom to build and create. We hope this excites you as much as it does us.
  • A strong communicator and collaborator. As an early-stage startup, we operate in ambiguity. Communication is what allows us to align quickly and build amazing products. At SaaSGrid we communicate openly, honestly, and kindly, and we want you to join the conversation.
  • Technically sound and willing to make decisions and adapt You won’t have someone looking over your shoulder to make sure you are always doing things the right way. We have a culture that will encourage you to be an owner and a decision-maker. We have made great and poor decisions already and will make more in the future, and we expect you will too! We only hope you learn and grow each day with us and enjoy the constant cycle of improvement.

How to Apply?

Does this role sound like a good fit? Email us at