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Total Contract Value (TCV) is the aggregate value of all active contracts.

TCV = the total revenue expected from all active contracts

TCV differs from ARR in two main ways:

1) Multi-year deals: If a company signs a two year deal for $50K each, the TCV will be $100K. ARR would be $50k.

2) Mid-contract changes:  If there is a change in the middle of the contract, TCV will count the revenue of the change rather than the run rate. For example, if a company pays $10 per month per seat for a 1 year contract and starts with 10 seats, then adds 10 more seats after 6 months, the original TCV will be $10 * 10 * 12 = $1200, and after the expansion will be ($10 * 10 *6) + $1200 = $1800.

3) Non-recurring revenue: By default TCV includes non-recurring revenue from customers. This can be toggled off in metrics settings.

Growth Rates: Period over Period, Year over Year, CMGR

Settings: Segments, Date Range, Date Aggregation, Revenue Type