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Metrics Sources

Metric Sources are the inputs that SaaSGrid uses to calculate metrics. Currently, SaaSGrid supports Metric Sources uploaded by csv.

To download the csv Metric Source template click “Upload” from the Dashboard home screen, select the date range that you will submit data for, and click “Download.” SaaSGrid metrics work best when you submit data back to when your company started producing revenue.

Open the csv template, and start by inputting costs at the top. Costs are broken into four categories, which should be mutually exclusive and collectively exhaustive of all operating costs:

  • Cost of Goods Sold (COGS): COGS are the costs directly associated with operating the product. For pure SaaS companies this typically consists of web hosting, purchased data necessary for the product to run, and the cost of the customer support team. The SaaSGrid template provides multiple lines if you wish to break up COGS into subcategories.
  • Sales & Marketing (S&M): All the costs associated with go-to-market efforts, including salaries for marketers and sellers, commissions, and paid marketing campaigns.
  • Research & Development (R&D): All costs associated with the product, design, and engineering teams, including salaries.
  • General & Administrative (G&A): A catch-all for all remaining operating costs.

In the bottom half of the template, input revenue figures. See the Overview section for details.

When filling out the template, make sure to only input values in the designated costs and revenue cells, and do not edit the date rows.

When the template is complete, navigate back to the “Upload” section of the Dashboard to add the file. If you want to make edits to the template, or add an additional month of data, you can download the most recent template you uploaded from the menu icon to the right of “Upload.” After you make edits, re-upload the template.